PVVP 2019

Izzivi sodobnega projektnega vodenja

20.- 21. maj 2019 - Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

: Pardeep Dhanda
: 20.5.2019
: 5 h [11:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Pardeep Dhanda

Pardeep will use his unique teaching style and use of innovative teaching methods to create an impactful learning experience. Attendees will be introduced to an epic story of survival told through a variety of medium including, animation, music and presentations. Allow yourselves to step into the shoes of the lead characters and utilise all of your Agile skills to overcome the challenges that face you.

: Marisa Silva
: 20.5.2019
: 3 h [13:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Marisa Silva

Adopting a clearly defined methodology to manage a project is not just usual but also rightly considered to be a best practice. However, blindly applying a best practice or a methodology may not always be the best course of action, especially in a VUCA world. With the rise of Agile, organizations have recently ventured into dual or hybrid models. But what to choose with so much offering out there?

: Eileen Roden & Lindsay Scott
: 21.5.2019
: 3 h [13:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Eileen Roden & Lindsay Scott

Modern project management has been mainly focused on the different methods and delivery approaches for managing projects and programmes. Waterfall, Lean, SCRUM, Kanban, Agile – the list goes on. Utilising the right approach for the right project is key, yet the biggest success factor for successful projects remains the same – effective leadership and management of people in project environments. In this three-hour workshop, Eileen and Lindsay cover several different frameworks, approaches and techniques that the modern project practitioner can utilise in their day-to-day work that make a different to people and their performance levels.

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