PVVP 2019

Izzivi sodobnega projektnega vodenja

20.- 21. maj 2019 - Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

From control to order: PM based on the new sciences

: Olaf Lewitz
: 21.5.2019
: 3 h [13:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English

A session description:

How do we improve PM based on quantum physics, ecology, social sciences and complexity theory

In our relationships, we prefer harmony to tension. We want to work with people we like, people like us. Unfortunately, that leads to mediocrity and boredom.

How do we make a difference with intention? How do lead with or in tension? How can we square the circle of working in strong relationships with people whom (or whose perspective) we don't like?

In this talk, you'll reflect on and decide how you want to show up and make progress - or lead towards progress - in these difficult and ambiguous times.

Speaker's Bio

Olaf Lewitz 150Olaf Lewitz is an agile native, he's been part of the agile community for almost 20 years. Like many of his peers, he's been skeptical about classical project management ... and still is. on the other hand, Olaf now believes that project management skills need to be a lot more wide-spread in an "agile" world than they used to be: after all, "self-managing" teams require "self-managing" people! Currently, Olaf's passion and mission is improving leadership in an increasingly ambiguous world. Opinions like "agile is the new way" or "project management is so 90s" fuel entertaining drama, but they don't get interesting shit done. We need integration of differences, to be successful in our project just as much as to save our planet. Prepare to be surprised!

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