PVVP 2019

Challenges of Modern Project Management

May 20 - 21st, 2019 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

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Challenges of
Modern Project Management 

The world around us is rapidly changing. Digital technologies, new business models, new innovation methods, new break-through companies, new competitive approaches, new occupations, new jobs, AI. There will be even more changes and they will approach us even faster.

What is the role of project management among these changes?  Are existing project paradigms still able to cope with the challenges of the digital economy? What about project offices? Can they offer satisfactory responses to these changes?  Does agile still “got it” – can it face these changes? Do we need new project approaches?  New methodologies? New project paradigms?

The conference will cover project challenges and future practices. We have invited 2 well-known and well-reviewed lecturers from previous conferences (Olaf and Eileen) as well as 2 new lecturers (Marisa, Lindsay). All four of them are among the leading thinkers and actors in the area of the future of project management.

Marisa will open the conference with her provocative lecture »Back to the future: will project management survive«. Her workshop after lunch will get us thinking “out-of-the-box” or better said “out-of-the-triangle”.

Lindsay will continue explaining the adaptation of different PMOs to changes, modern trends, and guidelines as well as new business conditions. She will be talking about: Agile PMO, The PMO as a Service, The Future PMO.

Even though Olaf is the only man among introductory lecturers, he will present softer subjects with his in-depth understanding of the nature of leaders. The title of his lecture is: »Leading with/in tension”. His workshop will surprise us with innovative themes in the realm of project management, such as quantum physics, ecology, complexity theory, and social science. Sounds futuristic? As it should since the future is rapidly changing.

Eileen was the best-rated lecturer of PVVP 2017 and will be our last lecturer. She will bring us back to solid ground by explaining the basic goals of project management. The title of her lecture will be: »Delivery, but not as we know it«,  and she will be discussing different methods of project execution.

We are also preparing a surprise or two for you.

Join us at the 10th Project Management in Practice conference and prepare yourselves for project management in the future.

Aleš Štempihar, organizer

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