PVVP 2019

Challenges of Modern Project Management

May 20 - 21st, 2019 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

How Business Process optimization approach helps solving Project Management challenges

: Jang Man
: 21.5.2019
: 15 min [12:15 - 12:30]
: Angleščina/English

A session description:

If we want better Project Management, we need to manage processes better: How Business Process optimization approach helps solving Project Management challenges.

Complex technological projects on demanding constructions in nuclear and conventional energy and pharmaceuticals sectors are a major challenge for project management, which must ensure the coordinated work of parallel teams on 10 and more concurrent projects and manage a large amount of important documentation. Project Management is in essence coordinated process work and if we want to bring our PM to a higher level, we have to deal with it from a broader perspective. This is process architecture perspective, which encompasses people roles, responsibilities, customers and partners, documents, document flows and IT systems brought together under the same umbrella and then optimized to meet key organization’s goals: to increase projects efficiency and profits and relieve key people from overstressed work. What kind of benefits, solutions and changes in organizing project work is BPM optimization approach bringing will be shown in the case of Numip, Krško.

Speaker's Bio

Jang ManJang Man has 35 years of work experience and has been actively engaged in the process area for the past 17 years: processes implementation with BPMS systems and their integration, designing process architecture with the help of business architecture management tool, process and organization optimization in different segments and areas, preparation and process and organizational optimization as a basis for the new implementation of ERP systems and other IT solutions, creation of new / different process organizational models for meeting the challenges of the digital age. He worked on various projects in various branches and sectors: service, production and public administration. In general, he is driven by desire to improve the position of humans in the work process and in society in general. He is employed at Crea pro for last 9 years as management consultant and process/business analyst.

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