Project Management in Practice

Multi-Project Environment

March 22nd, 2018 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Communication game & how dispersed teams communicate


This game is a reflection on:

  • how we communicate and
  • what implication it may have on the team effectiveness and on our ability to meet overall project objectives.

Communication is not only important internally to the team but also externally (suppliers and customers).

PDP focuses on involving the customer early into the development process; therefore it is important to prepare the best strategy to engage the customer and obtain the best possible feedback to perfect the product specification (before M1).

Effective communication can be challenging if we do not plan it or if we do not have tools to involve each other.

Bonus (additional) topics

  • Use of the visual project board in dispersed teams depending on team structure.
  • How to implement Stand-up meetings for teams located in different locations
  • How to implement Stand-up meetings for teams situated in different time zones
  • The Multi-Project Board for functions"


   Milos Tipsarevic MSc. CEng IMechE, London UK

milos tipsarevicIndependent Management Consultant and Project Manager


Milos is recognized as a highly strategic and analytical Project Manager and management consultant with strengths in improving revenue and profitability by delivering creative and innovative New Product Development Projects (NPD), enhancing processes to shorten lead times by implementing Kaizen, Agile and Lean Six Sigma methodologies and introducing cost saving initiatives on a global basis by influencing suppliers to apply new tools and techniques.

Milos has had over 20 years of work experience from the automotive, logistics and energy transformation industries. He worked for Ford, Visteon, CHEP and Danfoss. This keynote will deliver his blended experience of managing supplier base in projects from all 4 companies. Throughout his career his main area of responsibility was in new product development arena but he also has had a distinguished experience in working with suppliers and working on improvement of supply chain capabilities (quality improvement etc.).

In his capacity as a Ford and later Visteon product development engineer he worked with large tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers who were partners in development of new technologies and products. He later joined CHEP as a global engineering manager where he was responsible for outsourced development of plastic packaging. In his position of a senior consultant in Danfoss Milos was engaged in helping improve time to market in New Product Development (NPD) projects and was also responsible for improving integration of suppliers in NPD.

Milos is currently working as an independent management consultant advising clients on product development and supply chain issues. Milos holds Master’s Degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College in London UK and he has been a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers since 1999. He lives in London.






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